Zero in Idyllwild

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How do you know when a hiker has reached a hotel for a zero day? When this is the first thing they text you when they arrive there…

“Omg the bed at the hotel is so much more comfortable than the ground”

LOL =)  So yes…he made it to Idyllwild, and he’s very happy to get there for a zero day or two. We did a video chat, and even with the crappy quality of video I was clearly see he’s gotten really tan on the face and neck, and he looked absolutely exhausted.

He’s very sore overall, but he had a good day if not a photography heavy day. Apparently it’s not unusual for hikers to beat feet to get to the next food source, and Paradise Valley Cafe was his carrot on a stick, so photography was not at the top of his list of things to do along the way today. =) He’s beyond ready from some down time for recovery.

I didn’t know this, but evidently some of the bigger trail angels that leave water caches will leave a trail registry for hikers to sign as they come through. I think he must have come to one of the most interesting trail registers yet. LOL Only in California. =)

So some downtime, some “real food”, and a trip to the outfitter.

More when I have the next update. =)

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