Zero in Banning

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Yay! More miles down today. I didn’t hear from him the majority of today because the cold on Fuller Ridge the last 2 night zapped the battery life on all of his electronics. I had a quick message in the morning, and then that was it for the majority of the day.

He said he was feeling good and strong all day. His knee wasn’t bugging him much at all (though he thinks the brace might be giving him a bit of a rash).

The decent off of Fuller Ridge is apparently pretty steep for the majority of it, and the wind storm that blew down all the trees didn’t help. Of course, my husband being a big kid at heart, was racing down the mountain a couple of times and ended up taking a couple of tumbles….one of which apparently included a face plant. He said that during at least one of the falls he’s lucky no one was videoing him at the time or it would have gone viral. Sorry I missed it, and too bad Afterburner (Rick) wasn’t videoing his decent. =)

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Because of the lack of battery on the phone there weren’t too many pictures today, but he said they followed a couple off and on. I guess Cheezit and Elizabeth were Afterburner and Morgan’s snake alert system because there were 2 rattlers on or near the trail. The first one didn’t want to have anything to do with anyone and moved off into the brush (Morgan was only able to get a picture of it’s body), the second one Morgan says was a Mohave rattler and it was in a generally pissy mood and giving everyone the stink eye as they went by. If you look though, it looks like it had just had a snack and no snake is ever happy after a meal…especially a filled up rattler!

He and Afterburner made it to Ziggy and the Bear’s but there wasn’t any water because they are having plumbing issues, and there was no food so they got a ride into Banning, CA. They stopped at Sizzler for a meal, and a hotel for laundry and a shower. They will be catching a ride to Big Bear tomorrow. Not sure what Afterburner’s plans are, but Morgan’s planning a couple of zero days to rest and eat.

Stay tuned…who knows what will happen next. =)

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