Zero Day Thoughts So Far

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Since I am stuck in a hotel for a day or two more I thought I would write down some of my notes on the trail so far, for other hikers. Days 1 and 2 for me were extraordinarily difficult. The terrain is a fairly steep climb up, then down to Hauser Canyon and then up again to get out of the canyon and on to Lake Morena. Be sure you have enough water, there was someone bringing water to Hauser Canyon but the bottles were empty when I went through. Hike the hardest parts in the cool early mornings if possible, not in the worst heat of the day as I did. My white backpack reflected sunlight on to my neck and ears, even though I used a bandana under my hat as a shield, and my neck and ears got burned and blistered anyways. Use sunscreen. Special Note on hiking out of Lake Morena – just as you depart the campground to hit the trail, there is a path that it is easy to assume is the PCT – it is the first left just as you leave the campground. This is NOT the PCT, it is an unmarked trail. I am aware of at least 15 people who took the wrong unmarked trail including myself. The actual trail is perhaps 50 feet past the first one, and it is marked, but you never see it if you take the first unmarked trail. At Lake Morena I dumped 2 pounds of stuff in the hiker box – save yourself the trouble and don’t bring what you wont actually need or use. I suffered some heat exhaustion symptoms coming out of Hauser Canyon, and I consider those two days two of the hardest in my life, so be prepared for difficulty at the start of your hike.

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