“You Need To Go Home.”

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“You Need To Go Home.”

Those were the first words out of the doctors mouth this morning. I went in to have him look at my ailing knee which doesn’t seem to be improving, and to seek help for restless leg syndrome which is dramatically worse on trail and keeping me from getting any decent sleep. Can’t blame him though, he doesn’t really know me. He gave me some frufru organic fish oil extract pills for inflammation, whatever, and a prescription for who knows what for the restless leg syndrome. I’ll try anything that works, and keeps me on trail. As I hobbled down the street from the docs office I went into the local outfitters to pick up some new socks. While there I met Ben, pictured with me above. He happens to be the rep for Altra shoes, and was wearing the same model I have, and he also is a rep for OS 1st, which sells knee braces for athletes. He saw my hikers gimp, discussed what happened, took some measurements, and pulled out a knee brace from his bag – gave it to me free of charge! It does seem to help, gives me more confidence in that leg. Now you can create an app for travelers with app builder. I will be needing it, tomorrow I plan to ascend Fuller Ridge, with my Kahtoola crampons, and then I have a 15 mile 6000′ foot descent into the desert – not the kind of descent you can run down but the kind that is murder on feet and knees… I think this is a great example of “the trail provides” what you need, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for me to come across a great company rep handing out free knee braces to the gimpy LOL. Thank you Ben and OS1st www.os1st.com

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