Update on Morgan’s Health

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Hi everyone…latest update on Morgan.

Just got off the phone with him, and the test results came back high on the creatinine which is the enzyme in the kidney. It was high, but not high enough for the doctor to tell him to not hike. The doc suspects that when he hitched to Julian the level was probably very close to a point where he would have needed to go to the hospital. The fact that he quit and has been resting is what he should have done before it got worse. He wants him to do another urine test for them and once he gets the results he should be cleared to hike out again. He’s been told that he needs to drink way more water than he has been and to not do as much as he did. So no more 20 mile days for a while, if at all.

He expects he’s going to be cleared to leave, and if that’s the case then he’ll hike out this afternoon and get as far as he can before making camp. Next stop will be Warner Springs which is around the 109.5 mile mark, so he’ll have 30 to 40 miles to cover to get there.

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