Touchdown in Mount Laguna

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Hi everyone. Sorry for the delay in getting an update on Morgan’s progress to you. He made it into Mount Laguna on Tuesday night, but almost everything was drained of power so I didn’t actually get pictures until today.

He’s gotten quite a sunburn on the back of his neck by the sounds of it, and his feet and hips are still killing him. He visited the outfitter in town and replaced the pole that was broken, and, while talking with the gentleman that runs it, came to the conclusion that his shoes were actually too small. So rather than getting back out on the trail today like he had wanted he had to stay one more night to wait on a pair of new shoes (I don’t remember the brand or type of shoe but if someone wants to know leave a comment and I’ll be happy to find out for you when I talk with him next). Hopefully this will alleviate his foot pain for a while and lessen the risk of him losing his toenails because of wearing the wrong size shoes.

Amazingly, and thankfully, he’s still not having any back pain so this is a really good thing!

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He told me today that he was in the cafe getting something to eat and speaking with another hiker. They were talking about his broken pole and the tumble he took not long after, and the guy recognized him and called him by name. So, whoever you are, thank you for following my posts on Morgan’s progress and good luck on your hike!! =)

Other than having another, unplanned, zero day he’s doing well and getting some (probably) much needed rest. The last I talked with him the plan was to get started again in the morning….he’s bored and ready to go so I imagine there isn’t much that will stop him from actually leaving as planned. =)

Until the next update. =)

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