The Journey Begins!!

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Hi everyone! This is Morgan’s wife, Julie. Today his journey began!!! =D

He finally made it to the trail head this morning at about 9:30 PST. As of about 5pm PST he had made it to mile 8.68. About an hour after that he called me saying he was going to go into a canyon and wanted to touch base before he went down in case he didn’t have cell coverage. He said the light was getting bad so he was going to go as far as he could and set up camp for the night.

He said, even though he’d lightened his pack a lot before he left, the pack was still too heavy for mostly uphill terrain. He said basically everything hurt (back, legs, feet, hips), and he thought he was about 1/2 way through the water he was carrying. He was going to double check that once he got settled for the night.

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He seems to be having issues with getting his GPS to post updates. He said it’s hard to see in the sunlight, and he can’t tell if it’s him not doing it right because he can’t see it or if the unit isn’t working properly. He was going to try and figure it out tonight as well.

Other than that, he sounded physically tired, but happy. =D

I’ll post more updates as I have them!

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