PCT 2018 – Replacing gear

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PCT 2018 – Replacing gear to cut weight and add flexibility sure gets mighty pricey – but now I have:

  • a 17 oz sleeping bag
  • a 10.6 oz cuben fiber 1-person tent ([email protected] oz stakes not included)
  • a humongous 13oz cuben fiber tarp
  • a 5 oz bivy
  • …and assorted other new crap

My choice includes a rather unique hip-belt carry system for the heaviest items like water (back situation), in addition to my 35oz 70L HMG 4400 backpack that I love but may replace with something even lighter. Using a bouncebox and checking weather I should be able to get by much of the trail with a big-3 weight of less than 4 pounds, but with the flexibility to add gear in trail towns as needed (microspikes, tarp, secondary UL sleeping bag if I am going to see below-freezing temps, etc)

Lower weight plus 8 months of training beforehand…I hope it gives better results than my last attempt  🙂




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