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Hello everyone. Julie again. Morgan left Idyllwild this morning after meeting up with and having breakfast with Paul Lockey, one of the other hikers. Hi Paul!

He didn’t have hardly any cell or data service the entire day, but he did find one spot where he had one bar and he called to fill me in on the day because he didn’t think his camp spot would likely have service of any kind other than the GPS.

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Today’s trip, and probably the following couple of days, are going to be some of the toughest he’s had so far. He’s going uphill on Fuller Ridge, and the backside is a fairly steep decline.

When I talked to him earlier he said he was having a really good day. He felt good, his knee felt good, the scenery was incredible (though I only managed to get 3 pictures so far for today), and he said the pines smelled awesome. He said it’s been a truly lovely day.

He’s had some snow to contend with, but mostly in the shady spots. He did slip and fall at one point and landed on his hip, but he didn’t hurt anything. He said, “it just pissed me off”. LOL Can’t say as I blame him on that front.

I received a GPS message tonight that he’s camped in. Here’s the translated version of what he messaged me through the GPS…

  • He’s at over 8000 ft in elevation
  • It’s going to be below freezing tonight
  • Neither of his phones has cell service
  • Paul (pretty sure it’s the Paul he had breakfast with this morning) found his GPS device on the trail (he must have dropped it not realized it)

So you lovely followers now know what I know. Here are the 3 lone pictures that I was able to get today. I’ll post again tomorrow night with the latest.

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