Off Trail to Hesperia

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Hi everyone….here’s the update on Morgan for today (no pics, but you’ll understand in a bit)!

Last night he started feeling sick around 9:30 and went to sleep early for him. This morning when he woke up he still wasn’t feeling very good, so he made the decision to walk off trail at Mojave Forks Dam. The top of the dam has a paved road that leads straight to the highway where he hiked a couple miles with no success at hitching to get into Hesperia. After that he came across a great guy named Rudy who was coming out of his rural driveway and gave him a ride to the other side of Hesperia where there are hotels and the interstate. I guess Rudy had seen PCT hikers before and given them rides and Morgan says he’s a really great guy.

As for feeling sick, he suspects Giardia. 🙁 He filtered (or attempted to) water yesterday, and it was after that that he started having the problem. Luckily he’d gone to see our doc before he left and received a prescription for it and he’s now taking it. Tonight he’s at a Holiday Inn and is flying home tomorrow for at least a few days.

He’s not at all happy about how things have gone, and definitely not as he’d planned when he left home to start this adventure, but he’s hoping to rejoin the trail and his trail buds in a week or two after some much needed recuperation time.

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