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Only a small update for tonight. While Warner Springs was apparently a nice enough place to stop to bounce boxes, recharge all batteries and eat (8 street tacos last night and Angels showed up this morning with Starbucks and cookies for everyone) it was apparently a pretty boring place to stay. So once he got everything cleaned up and stopped at the post office he headed out on the trail today.

This morning before he left he said he was feeling good, but his right knee was still bugging him. This far out I’m beginning to wonder if he didn’t cause some minor tendon damage when he fell.

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At last check earlier this afternoon he was at mile 113.35. He sent a message through his delorme tonight to let us know that he camped, however, the delorme is showing him camping in the Gulf of Guinea off the west coast of Africa. LOL Not sure if it’s the unit causing the problem or if it’s user error causing the problem, but I’m pretty sure he’s not floating on a raft in the Gulf of Guinea. =D His message on his delorme notification said his cell is sketchy so no pics or update other than he is camped and to mention it was an easy day.


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