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Good evening everyone. Just got off a quick phone call with Morgan.

I don’t know what mile he’s at actually tonight. He mentioned that he was at a particular spot on the trail and I can’t remember the name of it. However, he and Dick did 18 miles today total. They’ve also been hiking a bit with a couple of guys from Scotland. =)

No pictures today, but he said that overall he’s felt pretty good. He did take another tumble today. This one not from racing around like a big kid, but because he looked up long enough to look at the clouds and mother nature reached out and tripped him. (That’s my take on the whole thing, not verbatim from him.)

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His right knee (the one he fell on a while back) is feeling good, but now his left knee is bugging him and he’s not sure why. His lower back is bothering him some today. A little bit of the sciatica sensations but no actual pain. He’s got some vertebrae in his upper middle back that are causing him more concern. He’s not sure why they are hurting…he’s doesn’t know if they are a result of one of his falls or the pack or what.

So there’s the latest. Until next time. =)

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