Look out Lake Morena

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Good evening everyone. I’m sorry I didn’t post an update last night, but just as I was getting ready to wind up my day and write something up for you the power went all disco and then went completely out for a couple of hours. By the time it was back up I was too tired to string 2 words together. =)

So, like I said, Morgan made it to Lake Morena. That’s about 20 miles in 2 days. By the time he got there he was tired and sore. He didn’t get a lot of sleep the first night, and a really hard hike the 2nd day in the final push to get to the campground. Today he took a zero day to rest up and relax. He was really REALLY beat last night when I talked to him.

He’s pleasantly surprised that his back so far hasn’t given him any problems at all, not a single hint of sciatica. So that’s good news. His legs, hips and feet were really sore, and today his hips and especially his feet were really sore. He also went through his gear today and lessened the pack by about 2 pounds or it will be as he’s going to send some stuff home.

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He’s shut down to try and get some sleep tonight so he can get back out on the trail again tomorrow. There are 2 guaranteed spots to replenish water along the way each at about the 6 mile mark. Next big stop is where I delivered his first box and where he sent his bounce box.

He’s had a problem trying to figure out how to get his trail phone to do what he wants it to do. Whatever version of android that phone has is pretty different from our phones here at home so he’s been trying to figure out how to get me the pictures he’s taken so far. Well, that was until tonight anyway…I suddenly got flooded by pictures. =)

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