Holy Cow! 2 updates 1 day!

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Look at this…2 updates in one day! I’ll have to congratulate myself with something of the chocolate variety for being such a good hiker wife. 😉

He’s not quite to Idyllwild. Should get there tomorrow afternoon sometime based on what I was able to get from him this evening. He said it was definitely a long, hard, hot day. Came across a dry water source, but ended up coming across some more trail magic with 2 surprise water caches. Love the trail angels and I’m not even hiking!!! <3

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He says his feet (and everyone else’s feet) hurt, his ears got sunburned so they hurt, and he said his knee hurts worse today than any other day to this point (told him he should maybe have a doc look at it when he gets to town). His back is all kinds of sore, upper back is out of place (and said his shoulders are sore…not sure if this is the back being out of place or if it’s a pack issue), normal lower back pain and NO sciatica!!! Unbelievable. The one thing we both thought he’d have the worst time with, where his back was concerned, and he hasn’t had any problems.

Tonight he’s at mile 144 (a total of about 17 miles for today), and cowboy camping again tonight.

Hopefully more from Idyllwild tomorrow….maybe even from him directly. =)

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