Here We Go Again!

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Well he’s back on the trail again. He had his second urine test and the creatinine was still high, but not high enough for the doc to prevent him from hiking.

He promises that he’s drinking plenty of water (see campsite pic…I think he might have staged the water in the photo for my benefit but I didn’t ask him about it LOL), not pushing himself too hard and he said he’s feeling really good. Apparently even his feet had a chance to recover while in Julian so he said even his feet were feeling pretty good.

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He seems to be having issues with his battery charger. It doesn’t seem to be working like it had been, so not sure what’s going on with that, but hopefully he has enough power to charge up the phone and the gps between where he is and Warner Springs. With luck more pics tomorrow.

So here we go again everyone! =)

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