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Darn UPS!

Was supposed to deliver my replacement trekking pole today, and some gatorade powder packs from my wife – but due to a ‘technical malfunction’ it won’t be here until tomorrow. I do like Big Bear City but I wanted out of here before the next bit of rain and snow was to hit the trail forward. So, am stuck here at least one more day, and I will get to hike in the mess that is coming.

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Some local notes – the Vons has a fireplace and a Starbucks inside! Local taxi 909-866-taxi are nice folks but expect to wait 45 minutes for a ride as they have only 3 vehicles. Feed store guy gave me a free box to replace my bounce box. Broadway Cafe owner bought me a beer and plopped a huge order of fries in front of me and Afterburner unexpectedly, everyone here is nice to PCT hikers. A younger fellow in front of me at Vons looked at my purchases and said ‘Hiking the PCT?’ – I thanked him for being a wildlands firefighter and trail gorilla, he let me use his Vons code for a discount. I must look poor in my town clothes or something lol. So far most people in PCT towns are really great towards hikers.

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