From Morgan – Ditched for Julian

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Hello all, Morgan here

I finally get to write my own post instead of relying on my wife Julie.

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I hiked out of Mount Laguna yesterday morning, and got in just under 20 miles. I camped with 16 miles to go to get to the highway for my zero in Julian and to recuperate and stock up before leaving via Scissors Crossing. Apparently though, pushing myself to 20 miles wasn’t the best idea. Yesterday evening I noted bright orange urine, which I knew could be a sign of liver damage. I slept on it, hoping it would get better by morning. During the night the winds at my location were vicious and I slept well once I decided to quit repitching the tent haha. In the morning the problem was worse unfortunately. I noted a highway just about a half mile cross country hike from my tent site and decided I would go off trail to find a doctor and get checked out. Hard decision but necessary. When I got to the highway a sheriff almost immediately came by and I flagged him down – he wanted to call a helicopter and I declined, and I declined an ambulance – he said I could hitch to Julian for an urgent care visit (then reminded me hitching is illegal in California apparently). About 100 yards away was a parking lot for another trail used by runners and some came in just as I got there – they were nice enough to give me a ride to Julian. The quick care place here is not open until Monday so I am waiting to see how things go – the problem seems to be clearing up on it’s own. The weather is being a pain for everyone it seems, but if it looks ok for Monday then I get to decide if I want to hitch back to Scissors and hike on, or if I am not well then I might head home. If I hike on it is going to drive me nuts that I have skipped 16 miles, so I would maybe come back and do those while waiting at Kennedy Meadows or some such. Everyone in Julian has been super nice, the hotel BNB, Orchard Hill Country Inn, has been stellar and super accommodating, and while pricey it’s been worth it (the town is mostly sold out at the moment). I am frustrated because I know that if I cannot do 20 miles a day the fact is I cannot do the PCT in a single thru, which was my goal. The miracle so far of the trail is that I fully expected it to be back problems that would take me off the trail and that has been the one thing that hasn’t hurt! Almost everyone I have met on trail has been great, good people, and so far the experience has already been a once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope to have a better idea if I will continue the hike by tomorrow evening or so – if things look well I will probably skip the doc visit and get back on trail. Take care.

Note from Julie:  Since he’s on a zero and able to recharge everything here are the pics I’ve recieved today from the hike between Mount Laguna and where he ditched for Julian. =)

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