Everyday A Little Bit Further

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Every day a little bit further. =)

He only had a little ways left to get to Warner Springs, and he made that today (Mile 109.5)

He said it was a good day, and an easy hike. Supposed to be getting windy, and there are loads of hikers camped out in Warner Springs too. Definitely seems to be a favorite stopping point looking at the number of tents that were set up tonight.

For some reason yesterday I didn’t seem to get at least a couple of his pictures and a video. There is a pic of one of the bigger water caches on the trail. He said that there were literally pallets of water left for the hikers…he wasn’t kidding. Go Trail Angels, Go!!

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He also came across a snake. Not one of his more favorite things to run across as he has no love for snakes, but at least this one isn’t one of the rattlers that other hikers have posted pictures of. He asked a local hiker what kind of snake it is and found out it’s a California Rosy Boa. It should be the 2nd picture after the picture of the water cache. It looks a bit like a branch on the trail if you don’t look very closely. Tail on the trail, head in the brush to the left. =)

He also said that today’s hike was one of the prettiest of the trail so far. I couldn’t tell by the number of pictures he sent me tonight. LOL

He plans to stay on in Warner Springs tonight and tomorrow and head back out on Saturday. He has wi-fi and is able to use his computer while he’s there so with luck he’ll be able to post a better update than I do tomorrow. The tales are always better first hand. =)

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