Cowboy Camping For The Night

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Hi everyone! I was a bit exhausted last night and didn’t get Morgan’s update posted like I should have. Bad, bad hiker wife! Don’t worry, lovely followers, I’ll make sure I discipline myself severely with something of the chocolate variety later today. =)

So, after posting my update on Friday night of Morgan’s latest portion of the adventure and after going to bed I received a text from him via his GPS device telling me that he needed me to order him a new tent. Apparently the tent he has (if you need to know what type, feel free to ask, but it may take me some time to find out from him) was shedding horribly. His tent is aluminized and it seems that it was raining all kinds of very fine silver particles on him to the point he was afraid of breathing them or getting them in his eyes. To the best of my knowledge he ended up sleeping with a bandana and his bug net to keep it off him for the evening. Of course this happened on a weekend and the soonest we could get him a new tent would be Tuesday at a trail angel’s house in podunk. So rather than waiting around he’s going to make due until he gets to Idyllwild and an outfitter. Last night he had made it to the trail angel’s house (probably with a few other hikers who were also planning on stopping over there) and was cowboy camping (approximately mile 127.3).

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I talked with him for about 20 minutes yesterday as cell coverage was the spottiest it has been since he’s left. He sent a few pictures, but to be honest we are getting far enough in I am not sure which are from Friday and which are from Saturday. He did tell me, after he sent the few he did, that he had already taken more he thought I would really like, so as soon as he gets a chance he’ll send some more over.

He said he’s feeling good and drinking plenty of water but it was really hot and yesterday he was in a very boulder intense area. All in all he’s very glad he didn’t actually start hiking later than the 1st because he can’t imagine hiking in the heat any later than what he has.

So, next official stop (and probably a zero day or two) will be Idyllwild. Hopefully he’ll get a chance to send pics before that, but we’ll see. =)

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