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Hi everyone!!!

I just finished talking with Morgan, and getting the latest batch of pictures for the day. He left Lake Morena this morning early, and was very happy to have started the day off when it was much cooler. He’s feeling pretty good and took his time and enjoyed the hike, and as a result was not nearly as sore as he was the other night.

He somehow managed to break one of his trekking poles, and he doesn’t even know how since he wasn’t even leaning on or using it in any fashion. Not long after that he managed to take a pretty hard fall, but he’s still in one piece and is pretty sure he bruised his knee. So this Trail Goddess will be on the phone to the trekking pole company tomorrow to try and figure out how to make sure there is one waiting for him when he gets up to Mount Laguna.

He’s at about mile 30.02 and I think he told me he expects to be getting into Mount Laguna tomorrow sometime.

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