Another Night in the Books

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Good evening everyone =) Another night in the books. Tonight he’s over Fuller Ridge and camping off trail at about mile 195.38

The snow struck again, and he ended up falling and doing a butt slide a ways. He didn’t hurt himself, but he did manage to break ANOTHER pole. At some point he met up with another hiker by the name of Rick (who Morgan has given the trail name Afterburner), and he helped recover Morgan’s broken pole. I’ll be making another trip to the post office on Monday to send out one of the poles he sent home not that long ago.

He also said that he’d heard that there had some pretty wicked winds up there, and apparently it’s caused a lot of downed trees on the trail so he and Rick were dealing with that on top of the actual decent.

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While it’s been cold at night (below freezing) he’s had more than enough to keep him warm, but the cold doesn’t inspire him, in any way, to get up and moving in the morning. =) He called tonight, and not only is it cold but I can attest to the fact that it’s crazy windy…can anyone say “wind chill”??

Tomorrow he’s expecting to make it to the valley floor. He’s not sure if he’s going to make a stop at Ziggy and the Bear’s place tomorrow or not, but he’s thinking about it. I think taking a night there and getting a ride around the closed burn area to Big Bear City the next day wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’ve seen posts that Ziggy and the Bear put out quite the food layout, so if I remind him of that it might convince him. =) Especially since the thought of real food propels him (like it did with Paradise Valley Cafe). =)

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Today as he got up and over Fuller Ridge the data and cell service increased, and much of what he sent last night started coming through today. Of course, they started coming through as I was standing in the register line waiting to pay for groceries. The FB message notifications on my phone almost made my purse sound like a ticking bomb. =D

Ok enough rambling…without further ado….the pics that came through from yesterday and today (including one of the new tent that he picked up in Idyllwild). =)

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