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Good evening everyone =) Here’s your nightly update…geez…I feel like your local news program at this rate =) Hopefully my reports aren’t nearly as horrifying as what you hear on the local news!!

Well, we are past the 300 mark (and I say we because I feel like we are doing this with him without the physical agony and lack of showers).

He’s at about mile 313 after another 18 mile day.

He got a late start this morning. Everything was soaked from condensation in the air so he had to dry stuff with the fire before he could get on his way. Dick hiked on ahead, and the guys from Scotland packed up and were out about 5am in the morning.

He hiked alone most of the day but saw plenty of other hikers along the way. He eventually met up with a guy that he met a while back by the name of John and they hiked together about the last 3 miles of the day and are both camped near a completely empty reservoir that probably cost millions of dollars to build and is bone dry. Talk about another bridge to nowhere…

Today was the worst weather day of all so far. They were hit with rain, sleet, and hail in the morning and it rained off and on most of the day. He wasn’t much of a happy camper about being out in those conditions, and getting soaked on top of it. The cape (can’t remember the name) was worthless and he couldn’t get to his rain gear so he toughed it out…and by toughed it out I mean there were probably a lot of cuss words throughout the day. =)

I am happy to report…no falls today (that he’s admitted to). =) Physically he said he’s about the same as yesterday. The left knee is bugging him while the right one is still feeling fine. The back problems are the same, and he’s still a bit concerned about the 3 vertebrae in the upper middle of his back that are so sore.

………at a loss for a witty close to this post since I used up all my wit on the lame “happy camper” pun earlier. 😉 G’night everyone! Until the next update. =)



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